Top Walla Walla Restaurants That Feature Local Ingredients

chicken-entreeRestaurants that serve local food are more popular than ever. Featuring local farmers is incredibly important because it not only promotes healthy eating, it also benefits the local economy. Eating at restaurants and cafes that use produce and local ingredients supports local farmers. There are quite a few restaurants in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington that showcase local growers.

Here are the top restaurants in Walla Walla that cook with local ingredients:

The Marc

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience, The Marc combines a comfortable atmosphere with an elegant flair. The Marc features seasonal dishes and showcases local farmers from the area, making each plate unique for each diner.

The Vine

The Vine at Cameo Heights Mansion is one of the most premium Walla Walla restaurants in the area. It’s fairly new and since opening, it has developed a following from locals in Walla Walla. In fact, it has achieved a five-star rating due its elegant service and amazing food. The Vine is a boutique restaurant with an elegant dining experience set in a country setting. The menu encompasses fresh ingredients, showcasing local produce. What makes The Vine so intriguing are the beautiful views. Guests may choose to eat out on the patio or dine inside at the chef’s table and watch chef’s prepare your meal.

Cafe Mosaic

Cafe Mosaic is much more simpler dining experience. If you’re interested in casual dining with comfort food, look no further. Cafe Mosaic’s menu includes many items from cold cut sandwiches to warm paninis hot off the grille. Or, order a veggie wrap that features local ingredients from Walla Walla. View the rest of their menu here.